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Godking Kizaing2020-05-24 17:35:23
Hello everyone, apologies for the bugginess as of late. The dwellings modules has been causing various shenanigans throughout the server, so they've been deactivated for the time being until that's been sorted out.

Thank you for your patience!

Welcome New Players!
Godking Kizaing2020-04-28 19:45:30
Hello! I have to say I've been quite thrilled about the influx of new players, it's great to see a sort of mini revival of this game.

I would just like to address some of the module bugs/goofiness going on.

Sadly with the death of Dragonprime there is no way to get any new modules :( and the modules that do exist have a few bugs due to being old and unmaintained.

I'm trying to fix what I can, but some things are beyond my control

Thank you for bearing with it and I hope to make things as good of an experience as I can!

Godking Kizaing2020-01-16 21:42:21
Welcome to this LotGD server! Enjoy the nostalgia friends, and be excellent to eachother.

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